Class Descriptions


ALIGN: Pilates Reformer Classes

Whether you are interested in getting in shape, losing weight, addressing issues of pain or fatigue, Mind & Motion can meet your needs. Exercises include pilates on the apparatus, yoga postures, conditioning/functional exercises and relaxation techniques. Unlike other pilates studios, Mind & Motion offers levels so you can be assured you are placed in the proper class. This way you will not be held back by newcomers or be overwhelmed if you are a newcomer. All classes address proper alignment, timing, technique and coordination. You will learn simple to complex exercises that help strengthen, align and balance your body.



This is a classical pilates class practiced on the reformer and mat. You will move your body in every direction as you are guided through the classical pilates repertoire. Usually, classes begin on the mat. During class specific movements build upon one another with the idea that progress in strength and posture occurs through the repetition of precise exercise. The Classical 2.0 takes the client into the advanced classical pilates repertoire. The client must have prior approval to attend a 2.0 class.



Get ready to move. This class is about the fluidity of repetitive movement and exciting the cardiovascular system. 20-25 minutes of the class are spent on the reformer jumping against the resistance of the springs. The client will be releasing energy and gaining strength.



Get reintroduced to your body. Learn to know where you are in space, what your “anchors” are and how your body actualizes movement. The class focusses on spinal alignment, skeletal structure, rhythmic breathing and core strength.



This class showcases our teacher’s talents and individual approach to the practice. The class retains some of the classical pilates repertoire but is rounded out by creative applications and unique movements favored by our beloved teachers.



RELEASE: Open Studio Classes

(*Please note: these classes are not currently on the schedule but will be held as “pop-ups” and workshops. For more info please email us.)

No reformers here….classes held in this space inspire clients to discover and challenge themselves through alternative forms of movement and strengthening. 


There’s always room for a shift. The shift was born from the idea that in an hour, we can begin to shift something physically, mentally and/or emotionally. In this 75-minute class, we progress from pilates mat work to a vigorous standing, primal rhythmic workout set to music. Throughout the class the overarching principal remains the same - what do you want to shift in your body or in your life? The more we give meaning to our movements; the more we can release stuck energy and express ourselves fully.



Hit the floor and move. This class uses foam rollers, balls, and the floor to investigate where tension accumulates in our body. During class, different movements will massage fascia, coaxing them to relax and allowing for more range of movement.



Gyrokinesis has benefits similar to those derived from yoga, dance, Tai Chi, and gymnastics. It combines rhythmic breath patterns that gently work the entire body. Classes begin seated on stools. The warm up awakens the senses and stimulates the nervous system. This is followed by exercises focusing on the spine. Postures flow together smoothly, increasing range of motion, while preparing the body for the challenging exercises to come. Similar movements are expanded upon through floor work, providing additional opening of the joints. Once standing, the cardiovascular system is stimulated.



Come get grounded. This mat class is a gem for sustaining back health and muscle tone. We mix in just the right amount of cardio vascular stimulation to get your heart pumping and bolster your immune system. You will feel grounded and energized after this one.